Thank You #60 Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day!  I think leap days are cool.  They are like bonus days.  Like we get to live an extra day every four years.

On such a day, we should do something cool, too.  Right?  Take a leap?  Do something new?

As if I need a new time suck in my life, but I’ve always wanted to do this.  My mom had tried to teach me several times, but I never had the patience for it.  Of course, I manage to find that patience now the she’s gone, right?

TY #60

I know it doesn’t look impressive, but it is my first time. I’m hoping that I can make a scarf. Maybe. It’s all straight stitches so I’m hopeful that I can actually finish the project. Right now, I’m just learning the steps, getting familiar with the motion and comfortable with the motion.

Thanks Leap Day for finally giving me the courage and the incentive to “leap” into this endeavor!


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