Thank You #72 Strawberries

TY #72

I love strawberries, but I usually don’t buy them out of season. They have been on sale recently so I took a risk. I’ve been getting a little bored with oranges and bananas. They weren’t as sweet as in season strawberries, but good enough.

Soso loves strawberries, too. She can devour an entire container all by herself, if I let her. I’ve always wanted to go strawberry picking with her, but I forget every year until the picking season is over. I think of them as July fruits, but they come in season in June around here. I hope I’ll remember this year. I think little Peanut head would enjoy it, too.


One thought on “Thank You #72 Strawberries

  1. aw, berry picking is so much fun! I took my nephew to a local blueberry farm when he was ….hm, maybe 1 1/2 years old? he had a blast!

    i think the composition of your photo is SO cute!!

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