Thank You #73 Sweet Ending

Have you ever read a story, watched a show or movie and the ending made or broke the entire experience?  Take for example the Korean drama Hong Gil Dong.  It was great for half the series, then dragged the 3/4 into it, but with a great ending it could have been saved.  It had a WTF ending and I can’t even think about that drama without getting mad for wasting 24 hours of my life.

That was my birthday this past weekend.  It started out good. Then it sucked the big one where I didn’t get to even eat dinner, let alone get some kind of a birthday dessert and I look at my last birthday as one of the worst birthday I’ve ever had.

Well, today actually didn’t start promising.  Peanut-head has a cold or allergy or something.  She felt a little warm and she looked down right pathetic with her nose dripping like the proverbial leaky faucet. I kept her home and brought her to the doctor. Good thing, too, because she has congestion in her chest and now she needs to be on the nebulizer for the rest of the cold season.

Anyway, after her a dose on the nebulizer, she got all active. Like monkey on the loose active.  Trying to climb up everything and throwing things all over the floor.  It was dinnertime and I needed to make pasta. Soso was asking where is there an octagonal shaped item in the house, what can I use for triangle shape (for a homework assignment), blah, blah, blah.  The pasta was over-boiling.  The shrimp was over-cooking.  The phone rings and it’s D and I’m yelling, get home right now!

I was totally stressed out and thinking holy moly the tennis season has only ‘just’ started.

As we finally sat down to dinner, I told myself, we’re going out for ice cream even if we have to leave with the kitchen half-cleaned (We’ve been trying for the past two days without success).  And we did. And now my blogging is late. And I’m going to be later. But, it was totally worth it.

TY #73

I wish everyone sweet and happy endings.

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