Thank You #75 Short Hair

before TY #75

The first photo was the best “before” photo showing my face I could find and the “after” photo isn’t great because I took it with my really old cell phone in my poorly lit office.  Still, you can see the difference, right?

I’ve been growing my hair since 2010.  I enjoyed it for most of the time, but the last 3 months, not so much. The maintenance had become difficult past the 10 inch mark, but I wanted 12 inches so the hair could be used for a wig instead of being sold.  Washing alone took 10 – 15 minutes.  The hair had to washed in parts.  In parts!  Top.  Middle.  Bottom.  I was using so much shampoo.  Plus, my hair was getting tangled.

Which is why I’m so grateful for the short hair.  Showering this morning took less than 10 minutes.  When every single minute counts in the morning, shaving off whole 10 minutes is like a miracle.


2 thoughts on “Thank You #75 Short Hair

  1. you look great – regardless of the camera! of course the smile in the other picture, and the softer lighting, made for a different look. I had not realized that washing long hair would be as time consuming and after reading your posts, and knowing how time is so precious – especially in the mornings – I can see having short hair is a boon for you. this new look is soft, frames your face and is very becoming. did ‘peanut’ make any comment? after all, it is a new you she is seeing. now the question……what are you going to do with all the extra time you have? ( are you giggling?)

  2. cute hair cut!! i donated my hair once too, and i totally know what you mean about the long hair being annoying towards the end of growing it out! by the way, i responded to your kkakdugi comment but just wanted to say again how EXCITED i am that Peanut liked the kkakdugi! yay!!!! 😀 have a great weekend!

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