Thank You #77 Belated Birthday Dinner

And cake… there was finally a piece of birthday cake!

TY #77

We were going to do the practical thing, practical being our middle name. Go to the 5:30 Mass so Sunday wouldn’t be so crazy. Then, I said to D, “Let’s walk into town and eat out.” He said, “Sure!”  And just like that, we made up for last week’s fiasco and I got to have a delicious, albeit hurried dinner of sushi and some fried rice.  We also ate spring rolls and shrimp tempura for appetizers but everyone was so hungry they dug in before I could get my camera out.

On a side note, Peanut is better, but eating out is still by no means a relaxing experience.  I ate quickly while D managed Peanut and I walked her around the restaurant while he ate. Good thing we ate early and we weren’t disturbing other diners!   I wonder when we can eat a more relaxing meal with her.  2.5?  3?


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