Thank You #78 Superfoods

TY #78 Super Foods

Some food are in the “superfood” category.   Meaning they have a high concentration of essential nutrients with proven health benefits.

Kale, pictured above is one of them.


So are onions. Well, technically, the photo is showing shallots.


Of course, garlic is right up there on the list.

Not pictured, but quinoa and mushrooms are also on the list.

I made quinoa with kale and mushrooms sautéed with shallots and garlic. So, does that make the dish “supreme” dish? Super duper meal?

I was going to photograph the cooking process, perhaps write-up the recipe.  I only got to to “mince the garlic.”  After that, I have no idea what happened. This happens to me a lot these days. Mommy brain + severe cold/allergy/sinus thingy going on = Extreme Forgetfullness.

On a side note, I wish I could take more “food” photos during daylight. The difference between daytime and nighttime photos are like, well, like night and day! Ha!  Sometimes, rarely, I make myself laugh.


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