Thank You #79 Springsanity

TY #79 Springsanity

Springsantiy because, truly it is insane that these flowers are in bloom already. These same flowers were in bloom 12 years ago when I got married. On April 29th.

Really, I wrote the title with sarcasm. I’m actually not grateful at all for the early spring-like weather. Yeah, yeah, it’s warm and nice, but we  should not be wearing shorts in March.

My biggest complaint? I now have “allergy” symptoms. Severe sinus related problems. I’m not sure how my nose can feel stuffy and run at the same time, but it is. Itchy runny eyes. I’ve made an appointment to see an allergist to confirm. I’m really hoping he tells me that I just have a bad cold. I do not want to be antihistamine dependent for the rest of my lives (B/c you know, I’m in reality a cat.  I meant my life!).

I guess this post goes against the goal of my project. So, um, thank you for the pretty pink flowers?


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