Thank You #80 Outdoor Fun

TY #80

This was taken on Monday outside Soso’s piano teacher’s house. I had to bring Peanut with me because D was busy. We played outside so we Peanut wouldn’t disturb the lesson.

I guess she was pretending to be an airplane? She was running around with her arms out and I had never seen her do that before. Another new thing she’s picked up. I had fun watching her have fun with nothing but her arms and legs. No electronic device. No “smart”toy. No toys making sounds and doing a dance. Just running outside and experiencing simple and pure joy of the moment.


2 thoughts on “Thank You #80 Outdoor Fun

  1. ah, outdoor fun is the best! good fresh air and exercise 🙂 what happy memories are in the making! whenever i think of my carefree childhood days, it’s usually memories of times spent outdoors that first come to mind… thank you for helping me remember to give thanks for this too!

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