Thank You #81 Pretty Flowers

I can no longer remember why I couldn’t take a photo on Tuesday.  It must have been one of those days.  Why I didn’t even post a thank you blog is the more puzzling question.  Yeah, Peanut was sick, but she didn’t really tank until Wednesday afternoon.

TY #81

Anyhoo, I took this photo on Thursday afternoon, after staying home with Peanut.  We had been inside the house all day because Peanut was wheezing so much, even with the albuterol and steroid treatments.  Towards the late afternoon, we were going stir-crazy so I risked a brief walk around the block.

This flower is from the same tree from this photo below I took in the beginning of February.

TY #34

It’s not even April and the flowers are already starting to fall. I can’t get over how early spring temperature has come this year.


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