Thank You #84 Half-full Coffee Cup?

TY #84

This is the photo I took on Friday, right after I spilled half a cup of coffee straight into my expensive camera purse picture below. Yeah, that’s the cup.


The purse damage was livable, but the camera and lenses  are a different story. I paid over $1000 for them, not even two years ago and well, that kind of money is pretty hard to come by.  What a disaster!

I wiped carefully, but the liquid seeped through. I could tell something was off when I snapped the photo. The camera had trouble focusing. Then, the LCD screen and menu controls acted wonky.

I tested the camera today and it seems okay. The menu control and the view screen is acting normal, but I think the camera sensor or possibly the lens could be off. I’ll have to test it out a few more days.

For now, I’m grateful that I had only the half-cup left. I imagine a full cup would have been a bigger disaster. It’s amazing how the coffee got into and onto practically everything in the purse.

I blame the lack of sleep for two days. Peanut didn’t sleep much for two nights straight.


3 thoughts on “Thank You #84 Half-full Coffee Cup?

  1. so sorry to hear about the coffee spill! i don’t know if your camera will need any outright repairs, but if it does, my sister’s father-in-law has a mail-in repair service. he works from home in north carolina, and has been recommended by ken rockwell, who personally uses his services for his cameras too! i don’t know but maybe he’d have advice on what to do for your situation….his name is Gus Lazzari, you can find his contact info here: hope Peanut–as well as your camera and lenses– “feel better soon”!

    1. Thanks Erica… I appreciate the info. I’m trying to test out the camera and both lenses to determine if there’s been any damage. I can’t tell yet. I may get the camera looked at anyway, but I hate the idea of not having it for days or even a week. My point and shoot is so slow!

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