Thank You #87 Resilience

TY #87

You’re wondering what does a photo of Peanut chowing down have to do with resilience?

Well, Peanut is sick. She’s okay, but she’s been wheezing for 2 weeks, even with up to 5 nebulizer treatments per day with two different medications and a 5 day dose of steroids. Plus, she has an ear infection. And seemingly teething forever.

Today, she saw a pulmonologist who suspects possible walking pneumonia. She’s now on two different antibiotics, one for the ear and one for the lungs. Tomorrow, she gets a chest x-ray.

Still, her spirit has been good. She’s been eating and drinking, laughing and playing.

I complain all the time about how much of a drama queen she is, how little tolerance she has for anything not going her way whether it be pain from a fall or not getting whatever she wants. Well, she’s been remarkably tolerant through-out these two weeks. Aside from a few sleepless nights, that is.

I think if my nose was constantly stuffed up or dripping and I had trouble breathing, and my ears hurt and possibly my teeth, can someone was making me take one medication or another and I had mist being sprayed in my face every few hours, I would be in pissy mood.

So, thank you Peanut for being so tolerant and enduring so much these past two weeks. My poor baby. I hope she catches a break soon.

*Changed the title to “resilience” because I like it better.  Thanks you Michelle!  I wasn’t quite happy with tolerance, but I wouldn’t think of a better word last night.


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