Thank You #89 First Haircut

Look Ma, I look pretty!

TY #89

Just because Peanut has pneumonia doesn’t mean we can’t be productive. Yeah she’s on four meds, on the nebulizer 5 times a day, has a constantly runny nose, but she doesn’t have high fever. Her breathing is better. Her spirits are good. We’re getting things done!

Also, after 5 days of spending every waking and napping time together, we’re a little tired of each other and the house.

Today’s goal? Getting Peanut’s raggedy locks trimmed. I highly doubt her foster mother trimmed her hair since she barely had any to begin with, so I consider this her official first haircut.


She was in such a good mood! I think she got a kick out of the whole experience.

Of course, her hair being what it is, it’s hard to tell already that the hair was cut. In fact, D didn’t notice any difference. Not something I want to hear after spending whopping $24 with tip. Why are kids’ haircuts so expensive? There’s no shampooing or drying and it took literally 5 minutes!

Anyhow, I can see the hair looks neater and that’s what counts!


2 thoughts on “Thank You #89 First Haircut

  1. Peanut’s haircut makes a BIG difference. She is absolutely adorable and really does look as though she had a great time getting it done.

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