Thank You #90 Downtown

TY #90

When I first moved to New Jersey from New York, I moved into a town with a small main street ‘downtown” and I fell in love with the concept.  When we were looking for our first house, it was natural to look at towns with a downtown.

When we finally decided on our current town, D had very specific ideas regarding ideal location.  The house had to be within walking distance the downtown, the church, the train station and the library.  Then, he had very specific ideas not the house style, Victorian or colonial with a porch.  I kid you not, we were down to 6 streets, quickly cut to 3 when I ruled out flood zones.

Well, we didn’t get the porch and the house is a newer (and uglier)  colonial, but the location is perfect.  The library is a stretch, but doable.  Everything else, including the post office, the police station/town hall, several decent restaurants, hair and nail salons, wine store, even a toy store are all within 15 minute walk from our house.

I love, LOVE being able to walk into town, to eat, to get ice cream, to go see a movie (well, this is a rarity these days) and one of my dream is to walk to Mass, walk to breakfast and walk leisurely back home.

Take today, for example. Peanut and I’ve been going stir-crazy with boredom.  There are only so many Costco/Target trips we can do.  I’ve probably blown my budget for the month by a couple of hundreds of dollars.  Staying at home is proving to be expensive.

By late afternoon, we had run out things to do.  When I suggested going for a walk, Peanut literally ran to the front door and grabbed my shoes for me.

It was a bit windy, but not too cold.  We made it a productive walk by picking up more inhaler meds for Peanut and getting Soso on the way back home.  I even brought the Razor and helmet in the stroller for her.

Today, I thank our downtown and other small town downtowns everywhere.  I love not having to drive and having a goal to my walks.


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