Thank You #91 Apricosa for Kimchi Inspiration

Erica from Apricosa is an American who not only loves Korean food, but she cooks Korean dishes.  Not just the typical dishes like jap chae and kalbi, but really authentic Korean food like fermented soybean paste stew.

She has been inspiring me recently with her kimchi recipes.  Not enough for me to make them myself, but to run to H-Mart to buy the ready-made kimchi.  Ajummas make them fresh at the store and the kimchis are quite good.

The other day, she posted photos of baby radish kimchi (yeolmul kimchi) she made and I started salivating. Well, I finally made the run to H-mart and got “young” radish kimchi (chonggak kimchi) The radishes are little bigger so the taste is a little different.  They are still yummy!

TY #91 Radish Kimchi

A funny story, at least to a Korean.  The Korean word for a hick or a country bumpkin is chon nom.  When I was young, I would mistakenly call these chonnom kimchi and my mom would laugh and laugh.

Chonggak kimchi are are my favorite kimchi.  I love the radish, the green, I even love the juice.  I could probably eat this entire container in one sitting with just plain steamed rice.

Thanks Erica for the inspiration!  I could barely wait until lunch time to eat them.



One thought on “Thank You #91 Apricosa for Kimchi Inspiration

  1. Ohh, I’m so touched to be mentioned in one of your “thank-you’s”! Those chonggak kimchi look DElicious…oh my, now I am the one getting inspiration. 맛있어요! 🙂 So glad to be a blogging buddy of yours!

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