Thank You #95 Better

Guess who’s feeling better?

TY #94

Peanut finally went back to daycare after 7 days, not including the weekends. If I include the two weekends, she’s been out for 11 days total!

I was nervous about having to acclimate her back, but she was perfectly fine. She sat down to eat her breakfast. She didn’t look sad. Yay!

We got an all clear from the doctor. He wants her on the nebulizer 2x a day, on just the one medicine. So much better than the 5x we have been on.

She was is such a good mood after we got home, having fun playing in the car. I couldn’t get her out of the car for 30 minutes.

Thank goodness Peanut is better. I just hope this is the last serious bout of illness. I’m running out of days again now that I’ve used up 6. *SIGH*


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