Thank You #98 Best Friends

A day late and no photo even… I didn’t get to post yesterday because I was busy watching Bridesmaids, a movie my friend sent me a couple of weeks ago.

My friend loved, loved, loved the movie. I know the movie got a lot of media hype. One of the actress, Melissa McCarthy got nominated for several awards. Movie reviews were using adjectives like “gut-bustingly hysterical'” to describe the movie.

With so much hyperboles surrounding the movie, I guess I subconsciously expected to literally bust my gut. Or pee in my pants. Or something.

It made me laugh, but not enough to hurt myself. There is something to be said for having low expectations.

In the end, the movie was funny and kind of sweet. The maid of honor did a pretty spectacular job of ruining all of the bride’s events, including the bachelorette party. Getting hauled off the airplane is pretty epic. But they are best friends forever and ever and the bride forgives all eventually in the end.

So, today or really yesterday, I thank best friends all over the world and especially my own BFF for loving, supporting, and most importantly forgiving.

Ruru, i hope you can forgive me for not 100% loving the movie. I 100% loved receiving it from you and I 100% appreciated the gesture and the thought behind it.


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