Thank You #101 Happy Easter!

TY #101 Family Easter Photo

Taking a family photo on Christmas and Easter is one of our family tradition. This is the first Easter photo with Peanut! The last two years, I’ve been trying to coordinate the family outfits. You can’t quite see it, but this year, I had everyone wear a bit of pink. I’m wearing a pink dress, Peanut is wearing a white dress with pink flower stitches on her dress and D is wearing a tie with pink stripes. You can clearly see Soso’s pink!

Coordinating outfits for all four of us was quite the challenge, especially since I never have time to shop. I’ll have to start earlier next year.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


5 thoughts on “Thank You #101 Happy Easter!

    1. Thank for the link… that made me tear up a bit. I knew she had adopted, but I didn’t realize it has been 4 years already!

  1. Love the picture + can’t believe how big the girls have gotten since we saw them. Lost your blog address and have just figured how to find it from my good friend Mr. “Google.” (lol) Hope you are all well, if you ever take a ride up north to see your Dad let us know and maybe we can meet or you can all come to my house. Say hi to your Dad and wonderful family. Sorry about your tree! Rosemary.

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