Happy 12th Anniversary

Dearest D,

There was no fancy dinner, in fact it was a hurried meal of left-over ravioli from the other night.  We spent most of the day apart, me taking care of Peanut and you getting some much needed work.  The time we did spend were doing ordinary Sunday tasks like attending Mass, grocery shopping and returning some items to various stores.  Still, I wouldn’t want to do ( or not do) any of these without you.

Happy 12 years of marriage!




2 thoughts on “Happy 12th Anniversary

  1. Hi Soyon! Thanks for your sweet note–it made my day! 🙂 Yes, it has been crazy trying to wrap up my dissertation (and my last experiment, though theoretically straightforward, has been having some unexpected complications >.<) I have to say I have actually indulged in a few episodes of King 2 Hearts…it is SO!!! good!!! I can't wait for things to ease up in my life so that I can check out Rooftop Prince too. 🙂

    I've missed blogging and just yesterday as I pulled out my camera for the first time in weeks it hit me that I miss it more than I was aware of…actually hoping to put together a post over the weekend!

    And, though this comes late, happy anniversary!


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