Happy ONE (!) Year Home Peanut!!!

Daddy's Girls

This photo was taken almost a week after we came home, but I always think of this photo as the “homecoming” photo. D and Peanut were walking Soso to school, an ordinary, life-as-usual activity.

I have yet to post the 2nd birthday letter to Peanut. Or the 8th birthday letter for Soso for that matter and her birthday was in March. But, I have to post about today because in many ways, this is THE milestone I’ve been waiting for seemingly an eternity. The milestone, that at times (many, many time) I thought and we would never reach.

I can’t believe we’re a year home, a year of this family of four, a year of this crazy hectic life of ours. A year of little, tiny, microscopic steps forwards where now I can finally see the big progress. Thank God. Seriously. We have progress! As whiny and annoying as Peanut can be, how much we love her. How much she makes us laugh as we shake our heads at the same time. How much she fills us with the subtle joy that comes with hard work. Progress in deed. Happy, happiest anniversary of them all, one year home with Peanut.


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