What’s For Dinner #48

I’m almost finished with the “What’s For Dinner” posts.  I had a goal for 1 year and after today, I’ve got 4 weeks left!  Forcing myself to write a weekly dinner menu has been incredibly helpful with not just making sure there’s dinner on the table, but with grocery shopping as well.  If you haven’t tried it, you should!

On Sunday afternoon, D took the girls out for a couple of hours and I took advantage of it by cooking.  I made tofu patties and breaded fish, but I baked/broiled them in the oven to avoid use of oil and the clean-up afterwards.  It was great not having oil splatter to clean!

S – baked tofu patties, steamed rice, roasted broccoli and roasted kim (nori)

M – baked breaded flounder, pasta, garlicky swiss chard

T – veggie burgers and steamed veg

W – left-overs

T – left-overs

F – “asian” style meatballs, rice and broccoli or kale namul

S – Soso’s First Communion!!!!!  Big Italian luncheon with the family so hopefully everyone’s too full for dinner.


2 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner #48

  1. I am always so impressed by your weekly menu plans! And…I am so excited you like the kale namul! ^_^

    Congratulations to Soso on her upcoming first communion–what an exciting time for your family!

    1. Thanks! And I’ve already made the kale namul 2x… this will the the 3rd time. I love it more than sigeumchi namul! I’m thinking of making kimbap with it, too.

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