What’s For Dinner #49

Have you ever run a race?  You know how you get an extra burst of energy in the final leg and you start really sprinting towards the finish line?  There was one race where due to in adequate training and hot temperature, I just faded out.  The last 1/2 mile was a torture and even the sight of the finish line didn’t help.

Well, What’s For Dinner has been like a marathon and only a few weeks left and I can barely muster the energy to finish.  It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t had the energy to blog at all.

Three more weeks to go.  Three more weeks to go.

S – Mother’s Day!  We went out to a local pub.

M – Brown sugar meatloaf w/rice and steamed broccoli… funny how when D first made this, I thought I would hate it.  It’s become such a staple.

T – Saengsun jun (Korean pan-fried fish), rice, broccoli namul

W – Turkey burgers, garlicky green beans

T – left-overs

F – birthday party – pizza!

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