What’s For Dinner #50

I guess it’s telling that the posts I write these days is the “What’s For Dinner” ones.  This spring’s been crazy and just plain draining.  Just when I think we’re over the hump, Peanut throws us off with 2-year molar and/or another cold and/or just plain terrible two’s syndrome.

I’m oh-so-tired.  Nearly psychotically tired and if I can muster some energy, I would like to write a little more on that subject.

But this is about this week’s dinner which isn’t very ambitious or organized, really, but I’ve got only a couple more weeks to go so trying to finish even if I’m limping to the finish line.

S – make-do… did I ever explain what that is?  It is when we just scrounge around the fridge/pantry for something edible, for the kids mac and cheese with cut-up string beans and for D, frozen pizza and for me, I had been to a bridal shower brunch and was still too full to eat.

M – saengsun jun (Korean fried-fish), dumplings, kale namul and steamed rice

T – pasta and meatballs

W – flautas, garlicky swiss chard, yellow rice

T – left-overs

F – veggie burgers

S – Papa’s 80th birthday surprise party – grilled meats, pasta salad and stuff



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