The Girls in Hanbok Dresses

My uncle bought Soso a beautiful hanbok last year when we were in Korea.  We also received one for Peanut from her foster mom. I’ve been meaning to take professional photos with the girls dressed up since last year.  I finally got them done over the Memorial Day weekend.

Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress worn before Western clothes became popular in Korea.  Hanbok consists of jeogori, a blouse/jacket like top and chima, a long full skirt for the women and baji, baggy pants for the men.  There have been some changes and variations over the years, but the essence remains the same.

Hanboks, especially for the upper class are very colorful and usually made of silk or other luxurious material.  Aside from ceremonial dresses, hanbok is plain, usually white and made out of cotton for the commoners.

Hanbok can be embroidered or decorated with other accessories to represent wealth and status.

We tried to kill two birds, Peanut’s 2 year photos and the hanbok photos. We sweated buckets trying to get the girls to pose together and smile at the same time while looking at the camera. Fortunately, there were some great shots. Unfortunately, I don’t have jpeg files to post here.

I took these outside the studio while we were waiting for our professional photos.  The mean manager wouldn’t let me take, not even one shot, inside the studio.  I was buying the professionals anyway, would it have killed her to let me take one shot???


Trying to get Peanut to pose for more pictures was hard.


Trying to get her to smile?






I finally decided to get individual shots.


Still could not get that girl to crack a smile!


If I ever managed to scan the professionals, I’ll post them, but for now, these will have to do.


3 thoughts on “The Girls in Hanbok Dresses

  1. wonderful pix…..and true to form… will have to be more ‘entertaining’ to get her to smile…but she is adorable looking ‘serious’ too!

  2. omo, these girls are looking soooo cute in their hanboks! ^_^ i love the expression on Peanut’s face in the first picture–it almost looks like she’s actually smiling there! I’d love to see the professional pics if you do get to scanning them 🙂

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