What’s For Dinner #52!!!!!

Woo hoo!!!  Finally, I’m finishing something!  My very last What’s For Dinner post to finish out year of dinner menus.

So, what are we eating this week?

S – grilled chicken with honey and Dijon mustard marinade, corn on the cob, broccoli

M – grilled salmon season simply with salt, pepper and lemon, pasta salad, salad

T – crazy night so veggie burgers, sweet potato fries

W – left-over grilled chicken, etc

T – pasta w/shrimp and zucchini

F – left-overs

S – bbq at a friends


2 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner #52!!!!!

  1. corn on the cob……cooking instructions to share as I saw in an email with a link to the a site and a demonstration and have since tried several times. sure to be sweet and delicious.
    1. do not remove the husks or silk. 2. place in the microwave – 4 minutes per corn. 3. when timer goes off, using insulated gloves, remove corn and cut the bottom of the corn about 1-2″ up from end. Then, using the gloves, grab the top part of the corn and shake out the corn holding tightly to the top. ( you may have to pull off the husk if you have not cut it high enough) no silk will remain…..the corn will be clean and sweeter than you can imagine!

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