Peanut is Sick Again

What else is new? We just can’t get a decent interval in between illnesses. Just when sleep is getting better, bam fever for three days with sores and blisters for two days and counting. Soso had the hand, foot mouth, but it was really just the mouth and it wasn’t too bad. Peanut has it every where including painful sores on her tongue and as one my friends like to put it, life has been a living h-e-double-hockey sticks.

We were so worried because Peanut wouldn’t eat or drink much. A sip or two. She would spit most food out with accompanying crying. Crying and kicking every 15 minutes is not fun.

Also, I am no longer a TUMDIP (Toddler Undergoing Meltdown in Public) virgin. Yesterday, made in , retrospect, an unwise decision to run some errands. I figured what’s the harm, since staying at home wasn’t making her feel any better. Full blown meltdown in middle of Sears, crying, kicking, trying to hide under clothing racks and finally doing the dead weight limp body so I can’t easily pick her up and exit quickly.

Today, I broke out the baby carrier and wore her pretty much all day. She napped for over an hour while I walked around. By the time D came home, I was so tired, I was passed out on the couch with Peanut in my arms.

There is no way she is going to daycare tomorrow and probably not Thursday. I am not sure I will last with my sanity in tact if she doesn’t start feeling better soon. It was heart breaking hearing her cry, “want to eat” and not be able to feed her anything because she kept spitting the food out. Poor kid. I really hope she starts getting less sick soon.


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