Reprimanded by My 8-year-old

Yesterday, Soso attended an end-of-the year party and apparently there were some 2nd grade gossip. Fast forward to this morning, me, just making conversation while driving…

Me: So, who’s chasing who or who likes who?

Soso: Oh, A chases B and C.

Me: Does A like B or C?

Soso: I don’t think so.

Me: Why does A chase them then?

Soso: I don’t know.

Me: Does B or C like A?

Soso: I have no idea. What, you want me to spy on them?

Me: No, I’m just curious.

Soso: Mom, you’re way too curious. I don’t think A would like me telling you all about his business.

Me: What??? I can’t believe my 8-year-old is telling me off!

Soso: Well, you’re acting all like a 7-year-old, asking about 2nd grade gossip.

Yeah, I had nothing to say for the rest of the drive.


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