P is for Punk in Pigtails

I have decided to rename Peanut to Punk.  Because she is.  There are some other adjectives I could use, but they are less polite so we’ll stick to Punk.

It’s getting harder and harder to take photos of Punk.  She’s more of a moving target than even most toddlers.

But, she’s finally got enough hair to scrape into pigtails and they are adorable. She’s adorable and I have to hold onto these adorable moments and images because they are so rare these days.

First attempt is the top of her head.


I finally get her face, but of course she’s drooling (one would think she’s done teething at this point!) and I’m a bit out of focus.


Here’s a better shot, but of course she’s looking down.


Oh and for bonus, here’s a shot of Punk with the sunglasses that makes everyone we meet go “Awwwwwwwwwww.”  This is her second pair because, of course, no piece of plastic is safe in our house anymore.



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