I’m a Punk… and Other Sayings and Updates

Punk is officially talking in sentences so is it wrong that I taught her to say “I’m a punk!”  And also, “I’m a nut!”  I’ll probably come to regret it, but for now I’m having fun with her “repeat” mode.

I’m a little late in posting this because I kept hoping to post with a photo, but I’ve realized that if I wait for photos, I’ll never post.

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that all these steps forward and back have in the end (or at least at the end of a year) resulted in an overall huge step forward.

A year ago, I was shaking and sweating at the thought of spending two months at home with Peanut.  A little over a year ago, I had to go to a very public place like our town pool, gather friendly support around me to spend a couple of hours with her while D got some work done around the house.  You know, all in the effort to not lose my schmitz with her.

So, a couple of weeks ago, D and S went away, only for 24 hours over-night trip and Peanut and I stayed home.  Just the two of us.  And I didn’t get sick to my stomach in anticipation nor did I lose it the entire 24 hours.  In fact, we had a great time bonding, shopping together and eating out.  We even got complimented at the church at such nice, quiet behavior!  Who knew?  Who would have predicted after reading all my dark, dark posts from last year?

She even said, all by herself, “I lubu mommy.”  Eek!  Totally melted my heart and continues to melt my heart since.

Of course, she’s still incredibly maddening.  Last night she had a freak out because I went into the bathroom while she was getting a bath.  “Want Daddy to give bath.  Want Daddy.”  Sobbed for about 10 minutes even after I quickly walked out.

She continues to pick up like the worst viruses.  Did I talk about the week she had Coxsackie?  Torture on all of us.  Then recently, she picked up another Coxsackie type virus with just sores in her mouth.  Yesterday, we saw another mouth sore. I tell ya, I’m tempted to cut off her thumb because I know that her thumb-sucking has to be a contributing factor.

Overall, she is so cute with the toddler speech and the mimicking.  I’ll end with a cute story.  D was trying to sweep the kitchen the other day.  Peanut ran to get her broom and told D, “I sweep Daddy!  I sweep!”  Then, she waved her hands and said, “No walk here. No walk.”  We’re always saying to her “Don’t walk here” as we sweep to actually little success.  So, last night, I’m sweeping and sure enough, Little Nut comes running into the kitchen and out of my mouth comes “No walk here.  No walk.” and amazingly she says, “Okay” and walks away.


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