I Know I’m a Mother of a Toddler When…

I’m sure there are many ways to end the above sentence.

1.  I’m bopping to Wiggles… toot, toot, chugga, chugga, big red car… and I realize that full 5 minutes has passed since the kid’s been dropped off at daycare.

2.  The sight of poop in the potty triggers the most excitement in a year.

3.  After peeing, I hear clapping and “Yay, Mommy pee pee in the potty!”

4.  Even pee on the sofa (shhhh don’t tell our visiting friends) no longer fazes me.

5.  The mobile download access and online access on my cell has to be blocked because one day, I actually looked at the bill and saw all these charges for app downloads and mobile access that I didn’t even know my non-smartphone was capable of.

6.  I find myself hoarding secret stashes of chocolate and ice cream.

7.  I hear a child crying/screaming/throwing a temper tantrum, look around to see it’s not mine and sigh in relief.

8.  Majority of our total family clothes/shoes money goes to the ever growing child.

9.  I waffle on a pair of $60 shoes for me,  that I can wear for years, but I don’t think twice about spending the same on a pair of Stride Rites on my 2-year-old, that if I’m lucky will last her 4 months.

10.  Lunch during work is the only time I get eat regularly eat while sitting down.


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