Quick Update

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  First, my brother’s wedding that was out-of-state.  Then, we came home right before Hurricane Sandy hit us.  We’re fine, but without power now going on 7th day.  Last week was a blur of days mashing together.  Living in someone else’s house and with no school or work schedule to structure our days.

It’s like we’ve been on some extended vacation, but not in a good way.  Punk has gotten out of control and is trying to bully everyone around her with her terrible punkish ways.  I may start calling her Ivan.

Well, school is still closed.  Soso will have not been to school for 12 days, including weekends, if she goes back on Wednesday.  Thankfully Punk’s daycare is finally open and that’s where she is currently.  I think everyone sighed in relief.  I’m finally back at work and able to write this quick update.

I just hope and pray we get power soon. Meanwhile, pray that our pipes don’t freeze with the dip in temperature tonight.

I hope to have some photos up, nothing too terrible and certainly nothing that hasn’t been seen, but just to record this historic, but hopefully once in my lifetime, event.

Hope everyone else is faring well.


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