Hostess is going out of business?

I’m heard this piece of news from, of all places, ESPN Mike and Mike show, while driving in to work this morning.  I couldn’t believe it, but sure enough, the news is all over the internet.  While the loss of Hostess’s overly processed junk from this world doesn’t impact my life personally, as it apparently does to Mike Golic who’s stated that a whole food group has now been wipe off his diet, I do feel terribly saddened by this news.



I’ve only eaten the Hostess Cupcake once in my life and none of the other dessert goods.  However, Hostess also manufactures Wonder Bread.  That, along with Spam and Tang, are the three quintessential “American” food I have grown up with.

Source: Wikipedia

Growing up in Korea, where packaged foods were considered a luxury and the luxuriest (yeah I’m making up a word) of them all were the American products.  Where going to America was still dream of many, if you couldn’t go there, you could at least eat like one.  You couldn’t get more American than eating a Wonder Bread sandwich with a slice of Kraft American Cheese and glass of Tang to wash it all down.  Or a bottle of Coca Cola.

There are just certain iconic brands that still makes me think of America! Land of the Free!  Home of the Brave!  Amber waves of Grain! and all that American dream ideals that we yearned for so much.

It seems to me that more and more of these brands are disappearing and I can’t help but wonder what all this means to our economy.


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