Meet Rosalita, Day 1 – 3

Rosie for short.

Yes, an elf has finally decided to bless our house with her presence. It’s strange she doesn’t have her own name, but I guess naming the elf makes it more fun for the children. It’s also strange you have to buy her at a Barnes and Noble or some other store when they are 1) magical creatures from the North Pole and 2) on duty to report back to Santa every night regarding behavior of children in the home they are temporarily residing.

Apparently, strange is the name of the game since most elves are found in some strange places come morning when they return from the North Pole.  I mean why is Rosie hanging off the light fixture? Isn’t it uncomfortable and hot?

I guess she’s trying to make it harder for the kids to touch her since if they do, her magic could be lost. In any case, she’s certainly keeping the kids entertained in the morning.

I’m glad I finally bought Rosie since Soso’s been asking her friend to have her elf, Snowball, to ask Santa to get one for her.  Apparently for weeks.  I’m also glad that Soso was told by her friend that elves could be bought since I didn’t do a good job of hiding her in order to have her appear magically.

Stay tuned for Rosie’s next appearance!  What other strange and uncomfortable places will she pick next?


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