All I want for Christmas is…

Yup, that most precious of commodity.

Last year was hard mentally and emotionally. This year’s challenge has been time management.

Sure, I waste time here and there. Who doesn’t? Even so, I feel like time is definitely moving at lightening speed. Or, I’m just not as efficient? Or I’m not as motivated. May be last year, I stayed up late baking. I can’t quite figure it out.

So, tomorrow is the last school day and I’m still missing gifts for a few teachers.

I have done ZERO baking so no little bag of goodies for the girls’ caregivers. No goodies for the neighbors and friends. Heck, no goodies for us!

It doesn’t help that Punk’s been sick most of this week so, I can’t take tomorrow off like I wanted.

I really do wonder how other people seem to fit it all.


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