Rosie the Elf, Day 19

Rosie surprised the heck out of me when I flipped the light on in the bathroom. What the…

Day 19

Fishing with candy cane pole…

Day 19c

Goldfish in Punk’s potty chair?

Day 19b

Um, gross, Rosie. Hope you didn’t eat any of the fish. I took time out of this busy morning to take these photos so that as soon as the girls saw it, I could throw the goldfish away. Because you know, knowing Punk, she would have eaten them. Ugh, I just grossed myself out again.



One thought on “Rosie the Elf, Day 19

  1. hehehe…very creative! pretty fun following Rosie’s antics around the house 🙂

    it’s good to hear from you! yes, i’m now in Korea–in Busan–more permanently (though luckily back again the USA to spend Christmas with family right now). As i track the minus-something-degree Celsius weather in Seoul, i’m thankful to be based in Busan where at least the temperatures hover just above 0 C!!!

    i haven’t seen Cheongdam-dong Alice…but have actually been indulging in some oldies when i can squeeze them in….October was Biscuit Teacher Star Candy…love Gong Yoo!…and this month working on Dalja’s Spring…hmm…noticing the noona trend just now! 😀

    blessings on you and the family this Christmas season!

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