Monday Musings… on a Tuesday

I felt a little sad when I realized I wasn’t posting much on this blog which I had, more or less, been faithfully been updating for 6 years.  Without the blog, I’m no longer recording all the precious memories and milestones of my children.  The ones I used to rhapsodize over a few short yeas ago?

I wondered why I started losing interest.  Aside from the usual suspect, limited time, what else was acting as a barrier to blogging more often?  Well, the latest hobby of translating Korean dramas isn’t helping. But, there was a time when I could do both.  Over the weekend, I kept mulling over the reason and I finally have the answer.

It’s all tied to when I spilled the coffee onto my precious, expensive, hard to replace camera.  It hasn’t been the same ever since.  The biggest problem is that the battery “drains” very quickly.  I can’t leave the battery in indefinitely and just pick up the camera to take photos at will.  If I want the battery to last, I have to remove the battery.  Then, when I go to take photos, there’s the added step of putting the battery in.

It’s taken the fun out of taking photos and this has had the trickle down effect of less productive blog. Less recipes to post, less cute photos to write about.

So, until I can get my camera replaced and get my creative juices flowing again, I’m going to try to write one post a week.  Monday Musings to catch up on the week so that at the very least, I’ll have memories of my ever-changing Punk to read back on.  Yeah, I know I’m a day behind, but that’s what I’ve turned into… one of those always late people.

Without further ado – here’s a quick summary of what Soso and Punk’s been up to.

Soso – Not too many drastic changes.  She’s on her last week of another swim clinic, she’s skiing a little better than last year and have surpassed my skills, reading piano music has improved drastically since we switched to a real teacher in the summer time and she continues to gravitate towards fantasy fictions.  I’m encouraging her to try different genres and she’s currently reading a series called American Diaries.

She’s currently struggling to come up with an invention idea for her “gifted and talented” program project. I swear, teachers create these projects to torment parents. Yeah, it’s all great in theory, but the reality is “inventions” are hard.  That’s why most of us are NOT inventors.  I’m starting to think D’s right about GT programs being a completely waste of time for Soso.

As Soso approaches her 9th birthday, we’re also dealing with different set of challenges.  In retrospect, potty training is definitely much easier to deal with. We’ve had a recent occasion to seriously discuss with Soso, about various forms of bullying and the variety of people, including friends, who can be the culprit, and how to deal with potential bullying tendencies with friends.  We’ve also had to strongly encourage her to tell us whenever there are incidents that are questionable, that those are not “tattle telling”.

On the other hand, Punk continues with her punkish ways.  With Punk we have to worry about her being the aggressor.  In this month alone, we’ve received five pink slips.  Two where she was the victim and FOUR where she was the culprit!!!   I dread getting a message from the daycare these days.  “Punk is okay, but please call us when you get a chance.”

Also, she’s been potty trained since December (yay!), but now she wets her pants on purpose trying to pee like a boy. And laughs and laughs and laughs when lectured by the caregiver.  One day, I had THREE bundle of wet clothes.  The best was when I had 2 pink slips and 2 bundle of wet clothes.  I might have lost it that day just a bit…

On a more positive note, she’s talking up a storm!  Her vocabulary is expanding every day and her use of complex sentences sometimes stun me.  But, with Punk, there’s always the down side… I yelled out an expletive at a driver and yup, she repeated it loud and clear.  I never had to worry about it with Soso.  She either never heard me or she mysteriously knew never to repeat those words.  Back to a more positive note, I’m making tremendous effort to  curb my cursing while driving.  SO HARD TO DO driving in NJ. SO HARD.

She’s so mobile.  She can climb up and down the stairs, up and down the stool… and so of course there’s the occasional fall.  At one point we had to remove, but the one stool from our kitchen.  She stopped climbing, the stools came back and she’s back to climbing them.

She has to help with everything.  Making snacks, making lunch, she wants to give me my vitamins, she wants to sweep, dust, etc, but of course snacks get half made while she sneaks in a bite or two or three.  The lunch sandwich is now lopsided and wrapped loosely. The vitamins are all over the floor.  The broom’s left in middle of the floor for me to trip on.

The one truly happy progress is we can now read to her at bedtime.  She loves being read to and of course as a toddler is want to do, a book gets read a gazillion times before being retired.  But, it’s nice to finally get to this point of having 10 minutes of quiet snuggle time to set the right tone for bedtime.

She finally watches like whole 10 minutes of a video (who would have thought I would think this a happy progress?), but we were on 101 Dalmatians for 2 months straight.  And no, we couldn’t just continue, it had to start new every time.  We know the 1st 10 minutes really, really well.  Soso asked if she could finish watching the movie by herself one day.  The next video is the Wiggles Yule Be Wiggling. I love the Wiggles. Really, I do. They have great singable songs, but now I can dance as well as sing the Here Come the Reindeer.  And I really don’t want to.

Still, I will take the Wiggles anytime over Dora the Explorer.  She’s been watching this recently.  Dora’s voice is still incredibly grating.

What else about Punk?  She loves getting her hair put into piggy tails and looking at herself in the mirror.  She’s been showering since I don’t know when, and now she likes to “clean” the shower stall.  She’s had to be cut-off from iPad due to her You Tube addiction and her ability to find strange videos.  She’s still eating great aside from 2 month bout of being picky.  She can eat real unrinsed kimchi.  She loves kim (roasted lavers) and kale namul.  Pizza is still her favorite food though.  She loved sledding for the first time… even went down the hill by herself.

What else… Oh, it’s Lenten season again. We’re not going completely meatless, but trying to go as meatless as possible.  I’ve also started Meatless Monday as part of a separate thing.  Yesterday was tofu spinach miso soup, rice and various namuls.

I have jury duty coming up soon, our Pre-cana “Family” talk and then a bunch of birthdays… the March Madness is about to start!


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