Monday Musings… on Wednesday

Because I’ve been sitting in a jury room for the past two days.  The first day, no one was even called down until 2:30.  Fortunately the rest of us got dismissed by 3 PM. But do you know how tiring it is to do  nothing bu sit and read for 6 hours? It’s actually completely exhausting.  I’m just glad it’s over for another 3, hopefully more years.

Weekend has been a blur as usual and now that it’s Wednesday, mostly forgotten. What did we do??? Um.  Hm.  Geez.  Oh yeah, we had… uh… a dinner at a family’s house! Okay. Phew. I was starting to panic about my early memory loss.  At D’s Peruvian cousin’s house.  Which by the way turned out to be a birthday celebration for her that she didn’t tell us about.  There were Peruvian food, including very authentic cui. If you don’t what that is I’m not going to explain it to you.  There was lots and lots of alcohol. That side of family can really drink!  D has to “man up” and take 2 shots before he could to go home. Poor thing didn’t feel so well later on.

What else…  Lenten retreat for Soso where we made crafty Lenten related things that we’re now supposed to use throughout the season. If I can remember to…

Made my Meatless Monday meal, eggplant parm!  This dish is perfect meatless meal for those that miss the meaty feel.  It’s a very meaty feeling eggplant parm. Punk actually thought it was chicken.

Speaking of Punk, another adoro-moment… She’s really into her Lucky dog, a 101 dalmatian puppy she got for her 1st birthday or Christmas while we were waiting to get her.  Anyhoo, she loves him so much and he’s starting to have the Velveteen Rabbit look. Anyhoo again, the other day, she was cradling him and cooing… seriously cooing, “Hi, sweetheart.” O.M.G. SO. CUTE.  I have no idea where she picked up the word “sweetheart” as we do not use that term. Must have been at daycare.

We’re also super busy getting ready for our “family” talk for Pre-cana on Saturday. We’re so not ready.  As much as we’ve been enjoying volunteering with the Pre-cana team for the last 5 years, this may be our last year.  Sadly, it has started to become a burden and not a joy.

What else? Oh, in browsing through our photos, I came up on this classic video of Soso from 2009. I can’t believe I never posted this! It’s hilarious, at least to us.  Enjoy!


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    1. Thanks Trinity for choosing me… unfortunately, I honestly don’t have the time nor read other blogs enough to nominate anyone else in return. But I really appreciate being chosen.

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