Weekly Musings

Because apparently even the once a week post on a Monday is impossible and it was getting ridiculous to keep writing Monday Musings on every other day, but Monday!

Peanut Head sick again.  Well, she’s at the tail end of it, but she’s been sick since last Wednesday when I dashed off in a hurry to pick her up from the daycare.

I shouldn’t complain since I wasn’t out every other week this winter, but how typical of Punk to leave winter season with a bang.  Or rather a whine.  Actually, many, many whines.  4 days of nonstop whining except when she was sleeping.

I should also not complain since Punk had some kind of nasty stomach virus and none of us, knock on wood, caught it.  She’s still not 100% so she’s home with Daddy. I told D when he came home last night that I couldn’t stay home with her one more day unless I’m heavily medicated.  Every single word out of Punk’s mouth yesterday was in a whine and honestly 4 days of whining gets to me.

As for Meatless Monday, that didn’t happen yesterday.  I barely got left-over ham and pasta heated for the family and frankly after 46 meatless days, I really didn’t care we had meat on Monday.  After all the point is really just try reduce meat intake in general, right?  So, Meatless Tuesday it is.  Tonight’s menu, good old broccoli cavatalli.


I guess I never posted the recipe that goes with this photo. I’ll have to rectify that one of these days.


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