The Tale of Two Cakes

With no photos to show for them!

Can you believe I actually baked this weekend and I have nothing to show for it?  Blogging wise, that is. The first cake was a new pound cake recipe I had found on Smitten Kitchen.  It’s supposed to be a lighter version from the tradition, involving complicated techniques like whipping egg whites to stiff peaks and folding in ingredients.  Seriously, those are complicated for me!

I even took photos and everything all in preparation of posting the recipe, but alas the cake was “eh” according to D and S. Peanut Head didn’t really have an opinion except “More!” but she’s fairly uncritical.  S was the surprising voice. She’s also fairly uncritical and she said it was 1)not my best and 2) on the dry side.  D agreed on the dry side.

So, apparently either the recipe sucks or I’m not good at whipping eggs whites and folding in the rest of the ingredient or something.  Because I do know how to make very good pound cake with a more traditional recipe. Anyhoo, all to say, what’s the point of posting it if I’m never going to make it again?

Although, this is a Smitten Kitchen recipe, so it must have been me. I mean she’s a pretty famous food blogger with her own cookbook out and everything.  Perhaps I’ll try it again when I have more leisurely time in another lifetime.

This tale would have ended, at one pseudo-fail pound cake, but alas, I was baking to bring to a neighbor whose mom had passed away. So, with limited ingredients in my kitchen, chocolate bundt cake it is.  A pretty fail proof recipe.

It came out lovely, too without any mishap from the pan.  I have known to break bundt cakes when trying to take them out of the pan.  S was salivating practically and wishing we could bring the cake over sliced so she could sneak a piece. She just didn’t get why you don’t do that with cake…  *shakes head*

Anyhoo, forgot to take the photo of the finished product!  ARG!!!  Really?  Really.  Soso was all for us going back to the house to take a photo… *shakes head again*  I had to explain how that would also be kind of weird unless it was perhaps one my good friends who knew I blogged and even then still a little odd.

Le Sigh. Seriously, I’m so depressed about it because I haven’t been blogging much and especially not posting recipes much and it would have been so nice to update this blog with a nice recipe with photos!

All I have to console me is double batch (because of course I made double batch of this thing, one to try and one to give!) of slightly “eh” pound cakes. I think they are fine. Perhaps not “giftable”, but certainly fine with a cup of coffee or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit.



One thought on “The Tale of Two Cakes

  1. Aw, I know just how you feel about not blogging much, and what a bummer it is not to get good pics when you’ve got something awesome to share. I’ve been feeling exactly that way too… May many more opportunities for fun blogging come your way soon! 🙂

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