Happy 3rd Birthday Peanuty Punk!

Dearest Peanut,

These days, you’re more punk than peanut.  You’re like a diva rock star.  You strut like you own “this” joint.


You dazzle and charm us with your smile, you make us laugh with your silliness.


You make us all fall in love with you, including your older sister. Even when she finds you “So bossy for one so little!”


You have a shirt that says “Best Present Ever” and you are. You are the best present our family received. You fill up our family with more life that it’s ever had. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion, but what’s the point of living if not to the fullest?

It’s hard to believe you’re 3 years-old. It’s hard to believe you’ve been home with us for almost 2 years now. It’s hard to believe how much you’ve grown and changed until I look back on the photos from two years ago, even from a year ago.

For one thing, you have so much more hair now. Just the right amount to pull into cute little piggy tails. Remember when you looked like this?


Oh, my how you have grown! Yet, you’re still so tiny. You still barely fit into 2T pants. I bought 2T jeans because you’re finally outgrowing 18 – 24M, but 2T is still falling down on you. Even with the waist fully cinched! But, you can wear 3T shirts. Your shoe size is 6.5 or 7. We need to get your feet measured and buy you a new pair of shoes. You can reach light switches and you’re taller than the counter top.

You are physically so agile. You’re going up and down the stairs all by your self. You can ride your tricycle. You can run and tumble. You may be ready for swim lessons in the summer!


While pizza (and fried calamari) is your most favorite food, you will eat and actually ask for “More spinach!” “Peese!” Or broccoli, you most favorite vegetable. You love roasted asparagus, peas and carrots and you even like salad! But, you won’t eat peppers even if they are in tiny, tiny pieces. I’ve started hiding them inside pastas just like I did with Soso. You also love rice with kimchi and kim. I can’t believe you eat spicy kimchi so well, but you have been since you were 2 years-old.


You’re daytime potty trained since December, but still wear a diaper for night-time. You’ve been taking showers since last summer. You brush your own teeth, but you need help washing your face.

Your favorite past-time is to read books, to play with stickers, to scatter your toys all over the place, to color and to cut paper. I can’t believe how well you cut with your scissors! I just hope you don’t cut your hair or the whiskers of your favorite soft animal like Soso did at your age.

Fortunately, your most favorite and beloved soft animal is a 101 Dalmatian puppy named Lucky with no whiskers. Here he is with the new Clifford you got for your birthday!


You’ve always liked music, but now you’re starting to sing along to Laurie Berkner and Wiggles. I find myself doing what I used to, listening to them long after I dropped you off at daycare and singing along, too.

I want to write a hundred more details about you, but I also want to actually get this posted, unlike the 2nd birthday letter. So, I’ll just end with this.

You’re a Daddy’s little girl still. Again, just like your sister. But, you’re also my little girl too. You would choose me almost every night to put you to sleep if you could. “No, Mommy do it. Daddy, you do it tomorrow, okay?” I have to admit I get a special joy and satisfaction hearing that and given the rough beginning we had, I think it’s totally understandable. I love you my baby girl, my little Peanut Head, my little Punka Punka, my Diva Rock Star. Happiest 3rd birthday to you!




4 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday Peanuty Punk!

  1. A lovely and loving birthday letter! May you continue to send them for 100 years! Congratulations to all the family on such a wonderful day.

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