Married for 13 Years!

D and I have been married for 13 years!  I was hoping to find a more recent photo of us to post here, but I was too tired to look for them on the computer.

So, here’s a photo from Soso’s Holy Communion last year… yeah, that’s how far back I had to go on my Flickr account for a photo of the two of us. And even then, it’s not just the two of us! So sad…


I just realized our anniversary celebration is always going to be preempted by Punk’s birthday. Perhaps we’ll get to go for dinner on our 15th… oh yeah, that’s when she’ll turn the big FIVE. And our 20th will be her 10th birthday. Oh, we’re just screwed, aren’t we?


4 thoughts on “Married for 13 Years!

  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
    Take a picture tonight and post it tomorrow…..and in the meantime, take time to savor the love you share for each other. This is your time too. A toast to your good health and continuing love.

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