Happy TWO Year Home Peanut!!!

Meeting Peanut for the first time two years ago in Korea.
Gotcha Day

Celebrating her third birthday with friends and family.

Today’s is the official second anniversary of Peanut coming home. It has been a long and difficult journey to today.

At one of my darkest hour, I reached out to a fellow mom who adopted, who also had a difficult transition. She told me it would feel like forever and seemingly impossible, but I would get here. It took them two years to get to this point of absolute no regrets whatsoever and I’m happy to state we are there. She has weaved herself into the very fabric of our family and I can no longer imagine our life without her.

Thank you to the first mom for giving life to Peanut, to the second mom who raised her for the first year with so much love while always knowing she had another forever home, to God, family and friends who have supported us all along the way and to Peanut for loving us as much as we love her. Amen.


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