3rd and 9th Birthday Photos

I finally got the girl’s birthday day photos done! Yay! But, I don’t know if I’ll go back to Picture People. They only allotted 20 minutes in total for both girl and I feel like the photos were hurried. It didn’t help that it was a rainy, humid day. Soso’s hair was getting frizzy so I tied it back, but once piece kept falling off and the bow I put on her didn’t look right in the photos… Eh, whatever. It’s over and at least I have a couple of decent photos to put on the wall one of these days. I’m afraid D will be right about it taking me months to get the photos actually printed out.

My favorite photo of the two of them.


D’s favorite of Punk.


My favorite because this represents her personality.


The obligatory birthday year photos.



The best photo of Soso because in every other photo, she had a piece of hair sticking out.


See what I mean?


Also, the new header are the photos I’ll have printed and up above our fire place.


7 thoughts on “3rd and 9th Birthday Photos

  1. Beautiful!!! Though with a smile like that, you have got to find a new nickname other than Punk for her!! 😀

  2. Absolutely adorable, all of them! Soso is getting to be quite the young lady and Peanut is just too cute, never thought I would say this but I would just like to pinch those cheeks (despite remembering how much my girls hated that when some of their older aunts would do it.) I must be getting older than I thought.

  3. Wonderful photos! Great use of the Gerbera daisies!! Their personalities shine through the photos!!

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