Soso’s First Recital and G&T Showcase

June always feels like the final sprint to the finish line of a long race. However trying to muster the bit of energy to finish strong can be difficult when there are “hurdles” like a dance recital and a year-end project back. Last weekend was more like an endurance race, spending literally all day at the recital and preparing for the showcase for Soso’s gifted and talented case on Monday night.

The recital went better than I expected. It also was one of those experiences I’m not sure I want to go through again. The musical production class Soso has been taking performs the opening act for all three of the shows on recital day. So, we were at the entire first show for 3 hours. Then another hour each for the second and third show. Soso had to stay pretty much in costume and in makeup all day.


The opening number was “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast and Soso played the chef turned to stove.

These photos are from the full dress rehearsal so not the best quality.


Her solo part.


The entire cast.


It was really cute.

As for the G&T showcase, this is the only photo I have. It was so crowded, I’m lucky to have a pretty clean shot of Soso and her poster board.


The theme this year was Invention, Innovation and Inquiry. Soso “invented” a cereal bowl to prevent soggy cereal. Here you can read all about it in the comic strip she created to market her product.


Alas, I didn’t take a photo of the actual prototype. She also had as part of her showcase a detailed drawing, a written description, business card with company logo, and a patent application. I was pretty proud of her.

We just need to get through 2 more weeks of school, but life is still busy. Summer swim has started, plus all the other activities still finishing up, Soso does not have a single day left without at least one if not two activities! Still, I can’t wait for school to be finished!


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