Peanut’s Spring School Photos

So… For some reason, Peanut’s daycare takes photos twice a year, fall and spring.  Since I was getting birthday photos for Peanut, I decided not to get the spring photos done.  But, they took them anyway and since they printed out the photos, I decided to take a look.


It isn’t that she looks particularly bad, but look carefully at her nose and you’ll see her nose is running.
This was the first photo in the package. So, I shuffle to the next one to see what the rest look like…


I burst into laughter. What? And why would you print out an 8 x 10 of this photo?

I shuffle again and…


That’s it, just those two poses. And they printed out many, many copies in all sizes. They even printed out a “collage”.


I would have seriously bought a copy if I wasn’t about spend a ton of money on the annual birthday day photos. So, these photos of the photos will have to do.

The teacher said she wasn’t even in a bad mood or anything, but geez how bad were the other photos if these were the best shots? Actually, now I wish I had bought a copy because these are actually pretty priceless. Only my Peanut.


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