Happy 7 Years of Blogging!

Well, 7 years of having a blog anyway since I haven’t been blogging much these days.  It sure says something when I log on for the first time since June and the entire site and format looks different.

The official anniversary date of my actual post isn’t until 8/28, but I figure I would write this when I think of it. Versus you know, missing the actual date by another 2 months since I seem to be in a post once in every two month mode.

Hobbies are funny things.  Interest comes, then an almost obsession, and then it fades away.  This has happened quite often in my life so I’m not surprised.  I’m more surprised by how long I kept up with blogging.  I am sad though because my waning interest is coinciding with a time when I should be blogging like crazy.  Recording all the cute little moments of Peanut just like I did for Soso.  All the things that are forgotten all too soon of a really short period in her and our lives.

I keep telling myself to blog more.  I do.  Yet, obviously I haven’t done it and I at a loss as to how to revive my flagging interest.

In any case, happy 7 years of on and off blogging.



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