Getting Ready for Back To School

No, I’m not talking about purchasing school supplies or back to school clothes.  I don’t sweat the small stuff.

When I say “getting ready for back to school”, I mean filling my freezer with food.  A couple of meatloaves, a few dozen meatballs, marinated chicken for a quick thaw and grill, a couple of mac and cheese trays, some soup perhaps and at least two batches of simple marinara sauce frozen into 1 to 2 cup resealable bags.

Because September and back-to-school means crazy time.  Anything to shave my cooking time for a meal or two a week is a sanity saver.  10 minutes less spent on cooking means 10 minutes more available for helping out with the homework, or the emergi-drama of the night from the drama princess herself, Princess Peanut.  Seriously, every working mom knows that on school nights, every minute counts.  ‘Nuff said.

This year, I’m going to also make some freezable breakfast items from ideas I’ve been culling on Pinterest.  They mostly consist of breakfast “muffins” or “cupcakes”, i.e. scrambled egg cupcakes or ham cups.  There is “breakfast” samosas which sounds quite good and there’s also traditional sweet muffins I can make and freeze.  If you’re interest in checking out some of the ideas, here is the link to my board.

So, on my list of food to make and freeze in the next two weeks are:

  • marinara sauce in 1 cup bags (good for homemade pizza) – done
  • marinara sauce in 2 cup bags
  • 1 brown sugar turkey meatloaf – done
  • 1 Italian style turkey meatloaf
  • Italian style turkey meatballs in sauce
  • Italian style fried turkey meat patties
  • Asian style fried turkey meat patties
  • chicken breasts marinated in two different marinades
  • 2 pounds of mac and cheese, divided
  • pesto sauce frozen into ice-cube size
  •  sofrito frozen into ice-cube size
  • 1 – 2 batch of broccoli or cauliflower soup – if I have time

A tip – I don’t have time to devote to just freezer cooking. Instead, I’ll double the batch of my usual weekend cooking item, i.e. this past weekend, I made double batch of the brown sugar meatloaf so I could freeze one.  This coming weekend, I’ll make triple batch of the meatballs, to eat during the week and freeze the rest.


One thought on “Getting Ready for Back To School

  1. Tacos are a big favorite in our house. I recently read about making the meat, all seasoned, and then freezing it. That had never occurred to me! So I’ll be adding that to my own freezer list.

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