Monday Musings and Amusement

Has the Monday Blues hit you?  Take a look at this video commercial of the hilariously named PooPourri.  Yes, it’s an actual product!

The weekend was just another blur of seemingly nothingness.  I should be worried that I always have to think really, really hard about just what exactly I’ve done all weekend long, aside from the usual chores.

On Saturday, we did… we did… Yeah, I don’t remember from the usual blur. Moving on to Sunday…  I did not to very much aside from cooking for 4.5 hours and going to a friend’s BBQ for a couple of hours.

It’s sad how we can’t do anything more than the usual household chores and tasks on weekends. Where are the walks to the park or even around the block?  The visits to a local street fair/festival?  Why can’t we even get out to the mall?  Time passes at warp speed and before I know it, it’s Monday morning at work.  I’m sitting in my office in wonder that another weekend has gone by.




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