What’s For Dinner 2.3

Dinner menu 2.3

I usually write my weekly menu on a piece of paper first and use the menu to come up with my grocery list. Once my menu is more firm, I write it on the white board.

In order to spend time actually doing something with the girls, I only made the flounder today. I will be relying on quick meals the rest of the week since it will be another busy week. Preparing multiple meals on Sunday means saner work week, but I don’t spend any time playing with the girls.

I realized I have been spending most of the weekends cleaning and cooking. I need to find a better balance between house work and play. So, the house may be a little messier and dirtier, but I am going to do major cleaning and cooking on alternating weekends. This way, I will have at least one day worth of time devoted to play.

S – baked flounder with pasta alio e olio, broccoli sautéed with garlic

M – chana masala, rice and zucchini – didn’t eat yesterday

T – ravioli with steamed green beans

W – LO

T – tofu balls, rice and vegetable stir-fry

F – tacos

S – LO or udon noodle soup

* I am looking at my grocery list just now and I can’t figure out why I have celery and carrots on the list. I must have been thinking of a recipe since I don’t eat them on a regular basis to have as a stock fridge item. But, I have no idea and my menu isn’t enlightening me either.


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