Just Some Peanut Update

I was thinking if my kids read my blog, how sad Peanut would be that there’s hardly any updates about her.

The second child really does get the short end of the stick, huh?

So, just to assuage my guilt, here’s a quick update.

She’s fully potty-trained! We used the last nighttime diaper two or three weeks ago. She’s been daytime trained a year ago, but she has such a small bladder, we took our time with the night. That’s the basic theme of raising baby #2. We take our time.

She’s turned into a carnivore. The girl loves her fish and meat. They are the first things she eats, then vegetables and finally the carb. I guess I shouldn’t complain, but getting her to eat pasta and rice is a bit of a chore. Unless the pasta is smothered in cheese or the rice is wrapped in kim (roasted laver) or there’s kimchi involved.

She has a sweet tooth, but she eats mostly ice cream and chocolate. She doesn’t like pie or Pop-tarts or jam or things like that.

She loves vegetables like kale, spinach, green beans, broccoli, peas, anything green except for peppers. I cannot get that girl to eat peppers. I guess Soso didn’t like peppers either.

She’s addicted to her Nook. I just mentioned to D today how it’s become such a routine for her to lounge on my bed and watch her Nook and while sipping on her milk as she waits for me. What happened to reading books, which she used to do with Soso all the time? D’s response was, “This is the 21st century and what can we do?? OMG  Even Soso doesn’t have a tablet device. What is wrong with this picture that the 3-year-old has it and the 9-year-old doesn’t?

She willing stays with my father-in-law and Soso for a couple of hours!!! This one is huge! Very promising sign of D and I being able to go on a date once the tennis season is over.

She’s so good on her tricycle. She’s already moved onto the bigger tricycle and she may be ready for the small bike with the training wheels.

She’s not so great with letters and numbers. I’m relying on the school, which by the way she’s officially in Jr. Pre-K class, to teach her. So much for being a tiger mom. I’m so not living up to my heritage.

She does know her colors very well. And she likes to draw and scribble.

She was fearless in the pool this summer and she loves to swing, unlike her sister. She loved the large water tube slides we went to this summer, whereas Soso wasn’t ready until she’s was 4.5. She’s definitely the daredevil of this family.

She loves watching movies and until very recently, her favorites were Enchanted and Annie. There was another one, but I forget. Now, she’s really into Bolt, Toy Story 2, 3 and the Incredibles. When she finds something funny, she laughs and laughs. It’s cute. It’s funny how Soso doesn’t get tired of watching the same 15 minutes over and over again with her sister.

She went on her first vacation this summer and she had her first over-night visit to her “not so new” cousin in Maryland. She wasn’t great on the vacay car ride, but she did well on the Maryland trip.

She’s been waking up early for a couple of weeks now. It’s been incredibly annoying because she whines and cries until we (really D) get her. I don’t know what happened. Sleep has been the one thing that’s been easy with her. I’m hoping she stops soon.

Doing this update has made me realized how little I’ve been writing about her and about our lives in general. I really need to get better. Since my brain is like Swiss cheese, this will the only way I’ll be able to remember anything about this time. I need to post some cute photos, too.

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