Apple Picking – a Fall Tradition

When I was a child, we went apple picking once.  It was just a one time event, but it was so memorable, the fun of climbing the trees and the sweet taste of the just picked juicy apple, that I wanted to recreate those memories with my children.  Apple picking has become a fall tradition in our family since Soso was 2.

Here is Peanut taking a bite of the apple she picked.

Chasing after the big girls.

Exploring the trees and taking a break.




The pumpkin shot.




I think the kids had a pretty good time. Peanut did a little more picking than last year, but she was more interested in eating the apples than picking them. I still winded up getting 18 pounds of apple, but I don’t mind. We got a ton of Golden Delicious and they are truly delicious. The Jonagolds, Jonathans and the Macouns were good, too. I guess I’ll be making a few pies next weekend.


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